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Nasstar is excited to be partnered with Furthr, a leading climate services and reforestation provider, the tree planting champions to help us reforest and rewild previously degraded areas around the world. 


Furthr’s employee benefit allows you to calculate and understand your carbon emissions, whilst also helping you learn how to reduce your impact through personalised, easy, and fun green-living tips. However, they also go a step further, by allowing individuals to fund high-quality and vetted reforestation and carbon reduction projects, helping offset your carbon footprint and aiding global communities. They also keep you up-to-date on climate news, your climate impact over time, and the projects you are funding on the ground, through monthly emails and in-app news! their carbon footprint. There are multiple subscription options, depending on the amount of trees you want to plant, and carbon you want to offset monthly -- else, you can also opt for a free account that will just help you reduce your emisisons. 


As part of our reforestation journey, we will planting trees for every employee signed up for this benefit on our Benefits Hub. The trees we are funding will be planted across multiple sites in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Kenya, countries in Africa that have faced destructive levels of deforestation over the years. You can read more about these projects below. 

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Total CO2e GHG greenhouse gas reduced frm the atmosphere


Carbon Reduced



Protected Trees Planted

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Working Days Funded



Green Living Tips Sent


Company Climate Action

A highlight of the reforestation projects funded for our employees

Mozambique Reforestation

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Team Size

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Since the 1970s, Mozambique has lost 8 million hectares of forests - that’s the same size as Portugal! In a country that's home to 20 threatened bird species, and over 200 native mammal species, losing 1000 football fields' worth of forests every day is a big problem. On top of this, over 45% of the population live beneath the poverty line and rely heavily on local biodiversity for survival.


In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, our subscribers are planting protected trees across multiple inland and coastal mangrove sites in the south of the country, creating opportunity for employment and restoring habitats for key endangered wildlife.



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