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Benefex Lamahi Reforestation


Tree Target


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Running Time

3 years

Benefex's Designed Site

Benefex's Lamahi site comprises just under 204 hectares of tropical forest in Nepal's Inner Tera region. Local biodiversity includes a wide array of native flora and fauna; tropical Sal, Khair, and other trees create habitat for over 200 bird species, leopards, Asiatic elephants, and the globally threatened four-horned antelope. This project kicked off in July 2022 and will run for three years, until 2025, and aims to reforest the local and tropical Sal Forest and Riverine Forest, with a range of native species including Cutch Tree, Indian Rosewood, and Chinaberry.

Why Nepal?

Less than 30% of Nepal's forests remain from what was once an area widely-covered in biodiverse woodlands. Deforestation has led to multiple environmental and socio-economic issues, including habitat loss, human-wildfire conflict and low agricultural productivity. Whilst the site is government-owned, it's also community-managed via Nepal's highly successful community forest management program. This makes it all the more powerful that our site employs staff living across the Lamahi Municipality to restore the degraded forest land at a fair wage. This is a strategy that our development partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, delivers across the globe.

Fact File

🌳  2,500 trees/hectare planting density

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 7,173 Local Population

📐 284 Football Pitches 

Partnerships & Certification

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Benefex Contribution

296,058 Trees To Date

Project Location

SDG Contributions

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