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Reduce your emissions.
Fund climate projects.
Make your difference!

So how can I make a difference?


For the price of a monthly coffee


Fund Reforestation & Clean Energy

Fund high-impact reforestation and clean energy projects with your Furthr subscription. Your support will also help restore habitats for endangered wildlife, and employ local communities.

Track Your Impact

Furthr's Climate Companion Platform allows you to understand the real impact of your actions. 
You will receive monthly updates from the projects you are supporting, and you’ll be able to see the real difference you’re making on the ground over time.

Learn to reduce your emissions and live greener sustainably

Learn To Live Greener

Calculate and understand your own personal footprint as soon as you sign up.
You will then receive monthly tips, curated to your own lifestyle, to help you reduce your emissions. 

Win Monthly Treewards

To reward your efforts, you will be able to win monthly prizes including extra trees planted in your name, charity donations and much more! 

Subscription Transparency

Transparency is everything to us.

This is where your subscription funding goes each month.


Protected Tree Planting & Renewable Projects

See Our Projects


Spreading the Word


Keeping Furthr Running


Treewards & Social Impact Donations

Our projects are certified by global leaders in climate action

Gold Standard Logo Furthr Partner
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When it comes to selecting the right offsets for your portfolio, our expert team works in-line with the CCQI. The CCQI's methodology exists as an independent assessment framework to accreditors such as Gold Standard.


Our partnership with Veritree enables ground-level monitoring on each tree we plant. Monitoring methods include digital tallying from field staff, bioacoustics technology and dendrometers.

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • No minimum subscription length

  • Thoughtful refund policy


Subscription Plans

Plant 7 trees per month and reduce your footprint green starter
Green Starter
£4 / month


Planted / month


Small Footprint

Reduced / month



Personalized tips



Tickets / month

Plant 10 trees per month and reduce your footprint planet-friendly
£6 / month


Planted / month


Av. Footprint

Reduced / month



Personalized tips



Tickets / month

Plant 20 trees per month and reduce your footprint earth evangelist
Earth Evangelist
£12 / month


Planted / month


Av. Footprint

Reduced / month



Personalized tips



Tickets / month

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Furthr Our Mission making climate change easy quick and transparent

Making Climate Action Easy, Quick, and Transparent

Let's be honest, climate change is overwhelming. It can make us feel anxious. It can make us feel like there's no solution.

But luckily, there is a solution. And that solution is collective action.

We're here to make being part of that collective action easy, quick, and transparent. We're here to support your positive impact journey from your phone, and to help you understand the real difference you can make in the world.

Sponsor world-leading climate solutions


Tonnes of CO₂ Reduced


Trees Planted

Total working days funding fair labour


Working Days Provided

What Our Subscribers say

We’re rated Excellent on Trustpilot



A great sustainable initiative. I've spoken to their customer service a few times and to be honest they have been the friendliest I've dealt with. The info they produce is balanced and informative, making you think about the impact we all have, and how to be better people. Would recommend a subscription, but failing that, enroll in their emails and give a follow on social.


Dan R.

Furthr Subscriber

Absolutely love it! Such a rewarding initiative to be a part of. I really feel like I can make a difference and I am learning so much along the way. Not to mention winning some great Treewards!


Charlotte R.

Furthr Subscriber

Couldn't be more happy with the service from Furthr. Highly transparent business which demonstrates clearly how your money is used


Jack B.

Furthr Subscriber

So what happens after you sign up?

Become climate positive fund projects plant trees reduce emissions

Step 1

You are Climate Positive!

Your project funding immediately makes you carbon neutral & beyond! Check your progress online anytime.

Take our survey to measure your emissions and to understand your carbon GHG footprint

Step 2

Lifestyle Survey

Let us know a bit about your current lifestyle so we can help you reduce your own emissions.

Recieve monthly emails and in-app personalised tips to reduce your emissions

Step 3

Receive monthly emails with updates on the climate projects you are funding

Step 4

Monthly Tips Email

Monthly Impact Email

We'll send you personal tips to minimize your own carbon footprint.

We round-up your positive impact in ways you can understand - and let you know if you've won any prize!

Each month you will be able to

Plant up to 40 protected trees

Track your positive impact

Get personalised carbon reduction tips

Reduce emissions on world-leading renewable projects

Get chances to win big in
our monthly prize draws


This Month's Treewards

 Any sustainable products won can be exchanged for additional trees planted


2 x

£25 donation to Lives Not Knives


1 x

100 Trees


2 x

£25 donation to Help 4 the homeless

Subscribe now for a chance to win

On average, 1 in 10 of our subscribers wins each month! You can find more detail on our transparency page

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