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Ever struggle with all the climate vocabulary? Never fear, our Green Dictionary is here to define the key climate and carbon terminology from A to Z.


Agricultural Land Management: A nature-based offsetting solution


Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation: A nature-based offsetting solution


A type of Carbon Removal that is made through heating biomass

Black and Brown Hydrogen

Hydrogen made from black and brown coal respectively.

Blue Carbon

Carbon captured specifically by the world's ocean and coastal ecosystems

Blue Hydrogen

Hydrogen produced from natural gas or methane using a process called steam reforming.

Carbon Markets

The commodity markets relating to Carbon Reduction or Removal

Carbon Neutral

A term used to indicate that the carbon output is zero

Carbon Offsetting

Compensating for greenhouse gas emissions through funding emissions removal or reduction

Carbon Removal

A process or project that removes Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere

Carbon footprint

The Greenhouse Gas emissions from a specific activity, business, service or individual

Circular Economy

An economic model based on reuse and repurpose of materials


The economic practice of reusing and repurposing existing materials

Climate Change

Long-term shifts in global surface temperatures and weather patterns


The practice of reducing Carbon Emissions & other Greenhouse Gases


The permanent removal of trees to make way for other land uses


A group of company performance assessment criteria that cover: Environment, Social & Governance


Relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition

Environmental Impact

The impact that an activity has on the natural world

Food Waste

The wastage of food that would have otherwise been consumed


The quality of being conscious about Environmental Impact and reducing that Impact

Green Claims

Claims of reducing any negative Environmental Impacts

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity produced by renewable energy sources.

Greenhouse Effect

The process by which heat is trapped within the Earth's surface, caused by greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gas

A gas in the earth's atmosphere that traps heat and raises our surface temperatures


The act of making false or misleading statements about the environmental credentials of a product or practice

Grey Hydrogen

Hydrogen produced from natural gas or methane using a process called steam reforming with no CO2 capture.


A colourless odourless and highly flammable diatomic gas.


Improved Forest Management: A nature-based offsetting solution


Sourced locally to where you live, and therefore more sustainable

Nature-Based Solutions

Offsets that use nature rather than tech or engineering

Net Zero

The target of completely negating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity


Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation: A nature-based offsetting solution


Able to be recycled

Renewable Energy

Energy derived from resources that are naturally replenished

Single-use plastics

Plastic items that are made to only be used once before they are recycled or sent to landfill


Avoidance of natural resource depletion in order to maintain an ecological balance and reduce Greenhouse Gases

Voluntary Carbon Markets

The commodity markets relating to the voluntary purchase of carbon reduction or removal


Waterland Restoration and Conservation: A nature-based offsetting solution

Furthr's Green Dictionary

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