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We fund some of the highest-standard climate projects on the planet. Take a look at the stories behind our projects below.


Our projects create a positive human impact through employing local communities, many living in extreme poverty.

How we verify our Climate Impact

One of the most important parts of our initiative is to be able to verify and certify the impact our projects have each day. See all the detail on how we certify our impact below.

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A small number of our projects (only those developed by Furthr’s board ourselves) are accredited and monitored directly by the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism, which is the initial framework built for carbon offsetting.

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The Gold Standard independently accredit and biannually monitor our clean energy offsetting projects for the carbon they reduce. They’re recognized by carbon market and climate change politics scholars as a prime example of voluntary carbon offset standards.

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Eden Reforestation Projects is a world-leading reforestation charity, who have planted over 440 million trees worldwide.

We upload all certificates we receive from the bodies above to our Transparency page each month

How does reforestation and afforastation help us fight climate change?

Why reforestation?

One of the most critical climate issues we all face is deforestation, with over 80,000 acres of forest land being destroyed every single day. The protected trees we plant with Eden Reforestation Projects help combat the impacts of deforestation through planting new healthy forests. These trees we plant with Eden bring a wealth of natural benefits: restoring habitat for local wildlife, providing protection against flooding, decreasing desertification & drought to name a few! Each tree planted is always a native species to the region of the planting site, so we know that we are not bringing any invasive species into local ecosystems.

In the long term, trees naturally absorb or "sequester" carbon emissions, helping reduce carbon emissions over time and bring back the critical carbon balance that we need to maintain and reduce our global temperatures.

How does renewable energy help us fight climate change?

Why renewables?

Electricity generation accounts for around 40% of the world's carbon emissions - a number that will increase as our global population skyrockets. Luckily, the solution has never been clearer: switch to generating all global electricity through renewable sources - and fast! This is easy to say, but to really achieve this goal in the short time we have, the focus needs to be on scaling up renewable energy in high-growth developing countries, where the infrastructure and financial support is not readily available.

Our renewable energy projects do exactly this, and as part of the UN & GS certification process, each of our projects has demonstrated that they would not have been able to exist without funding from initiatives like ours. This way, we know that we are fast-tracking our global green future, focusing on where the planet needs help the most.

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