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Carbon Reduction Planning without the burden
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NHS Net Zero Bid Requirements

All NHS England suppliers must submit their Carbon Reduction Plans by April 2024, including their current emissions and plans to reduce them.
The plan should be drafted in accordance with the PPN 06/21.

Read our blog to find out more about the upcoming requirements.

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By measuring emissions, implementing best-practice reduction initiatives, and establishing targets, you can make sure that your Carbon Reduction Plan is both compliant and impactful.

Compliant & aligned with:

Graphic designs of our Furthr employee app, showing the company project feed and the employee's personal impact dashboard

Engage your team!

As we measure your emissions and build your Carbon Reduction Plan, Furthr also supports your entire team on their own personal climate journey.

Our Furthr app is included on every implementation, for all your employees.

Expertise you can depend upon

Whether you’re just getting started or need some fresh ideas on emission reduction, our passionate team of sustainability experts are here to help you every step of the way.


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Finlay Taylor
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