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Inspire your team this Earth Month and beyond

Updated: Apr 4

A Furthr x Benefex Partnership

Earth Day is a global day of action for the planet that falls on the 22 April every year.

The movement is celebrated all around the world and mobilizes an incredible 1 billion people to protect our environment.

Each year the initiative focuses on one particular theme, and this year it’s planet vs plastic.

The overarching goal is a pretty ambitious one: to ask the United Nations and Governmental Organisations to commit to a Global Plastic Treaty that would bind everyone to the same standards. 

Whilst this does sound overwhelming, everyone can do their little bit for the planet.

Furthr is proud to partner with Benefex, with a flexible employee benefit that makes it easy to do just that. 

Small changes can make a big impact

Furthr helps businesses on every step of their climate journey, from carbon footprint measurement, reduction and offsetting, to employee engagement. 

The flexible benefit makes it easy for employees to get involved.

Subscribers are able to restore forests, calculate personal emissions and reduce their impact on the planet - all through one simple app. 

The flexible benefit is simple for employers to implement and is easy to sign up to, since the subscription fee is deducted from payroll.

Flexible plans start at just £4 per month, advanced and family plans are available for as little as £18 - making a difference has never been simpler. 

Why offer the Furthr app?

The planet is warming rapidly and the resulting climate crisis is already having a devastating impact. People want to help. They also want to see their employers work toward the same goals, so businesses shouldn't overlook the value of sustainability on retention and recruitment.

Offering an easy way to take climate action is a valuable way to unite your team over a shared goal, build engagement and drive real change.

Benefex’s impact goes one step Furthr

Since July 2022, Benefex has been on a mission to plant 1 million trees by 2025 - and the team are well on their way! Check out the Trees with Benefits page here to learn more about their journey to 1 million. 

The project is a real collaborative effort, together with Furthr, Benefex is uniting their customers and users to plant trees on their designated site in Lamahi, Nepal.

How do we do it? It's simple! For every eligible benefit users select on the Benefex platform, a tree will be planted! 

Earth Month 2024 special offer

To mark this special month dedicated to our planet, we are so excited to offer Benefex customers the opportunity to plant 100 trees in Madagascar - all you have to do is book an introductory call with the Furthr team and we’ll get planting! Just speak to your Benefex Customer Success Director for them to coordinate the call.

If you already offer our Tree Planting benefit via Benefex, employees who are new to select a plan in the month of April will have 10 bonus trees planted on their behalf.

For those who already select the benefit, they’ll receive an extra tree themselves and one to gift to someone they know.

Please reach out to your Benefex team should you have any questions around how you can get involved and support Earth Month this year!


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