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Rice Husk Biomass

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Solution Type

Biomass Power

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About this Project

What is rice husk biomass?


Rice husks are the hard protective covering of grains of rice that are discarded when rice is harvested. The rice husks are transported from the nearby rice mills in the region to the project site, and are combusted in a boiler. The combustion produces high-pressure steam which is used to turn a turbine, which drives a generator to produce electricity. Thus, they help reduce methane emissions from uncontrolled burning of biomass by using it to create energy.


Why India?


With a population of over 1.3 billion, India is fast becoming one of the most energy intensive areas on the planet, whilst 9/10 businesses still use fossil-fuelled electricity to conduct operations. What is the solution? This small project involves the implementation of a 5MW cogeneration power project powered by waste rice husks. The project is designed to meet growing electricity demands as local manufacturing of paper products and general infrastructure develops, without producing increases in fossil fuel energy usage.

How you can help

Supporting this project means directly funding the development of sustainable energy delivery practices in one of the more emission intensive industries. As the world moves away from harmful production and consumption models of paper based products, biomass energy conversion will be a key transition piece in reducing the impact that industrial production generates.


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For Business: Choose this project for your bespoke company action portfolio, and engage your community, workforce, and operations.

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Solution Impact

Carbon Reduction

Fact File

📜 Waste-to-energy for paper industry

💨 29,664 tCO2e of emission reduction

⚡ 35,196 MWh net electricity generated

🔍 Small project with easy to track impact

Partnerships & Certification


Furthr Contribution

Annual Carbon Prevented

29,664 tonnes

Project Location

SDG Certifications


Affordable and Clean Energy: This project has generated 35,198 MWh of renewable electricty


Decent Work & Economic Growth: This project has directly employed 21 individuals at site and generated 12 additional supply chain hires


Climate Action: This project has had verified emission reductions of 29,664 tCO2e

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