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Kenya Protected Reforestation

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About this Project

What is the issue? In 1963 forests covered 10% of Kenya, today that number is only 6%. High rates of deforestation have reduced rainwater for local communities, lead to increased flooding and raised temperatures. What is the solution? In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, Furthr is planting trees across two distinct regions of Kenya: the Great Rift Valley and the Northern Coast. Within the Great Rift Valley, we are planting afromontane within the Kijabe forest, and along the Northern Coast, we are planting mangrove and coastal forest tree species.

How you can help

Funding this reforestation project can help Eden turn back the clock on deforestation, improve soil erosion and regulate the water cycle for local communities. For individuals: Subscribe to the Furthr Platform and support this project's development. For Business: Choose this project for your protected company reforestation site.

Fact File

🌲 26 project sites across 2 regions

🐦 Provides habitat for local wildlife

💼 Local employment for those living in poverty

Partnerships & Certification

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Project Locations

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