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Madagascar Protected Reforestation

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About this Project

Madagascar has one of the most diverse forest ecosystems in the world 
and used to be a haven for global biodiversity. Unfortunately, the island is 
currently suffering from critical habitat loss, affecting its unique endemic 

The mangrove estuaries along the coastline have been decimated, causing
mudflats to wash into the ocean, ruining prosperous fisheries, and making 
coastal communities more susceptible to hurricanes, tsunamis, and floods.
Additionally, deforestation in its dry deciduous forests poses a grave threat
to local biodiversity. Since human arrival, over 90% of Madagascar's 
forests have been lost, leading to species displacement and considerable 
water quality degradation.

Furthr, in collaboration with the renowned tree planting charity Eden 
Reforestation Projects, is taking steps to restore the ecological balance on 
the island. We aim to plant trees across various coastal mangrove and dry 
deciduous sites in the island's northwest region. 
Mangrove forests are crucial for these ecosystems as they stabilize the soil
and coastline, deter erosion, and provide a natural barrier between the 
ocean and land.

Fact File

🌲   46 project sites in the north of the island


🐦 75% of the wildlife protected by the reforestation are native and unique to Madagascar


💼  Local employment for those living in poverty

Partnerships & Certification

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