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Mozambique Protected Reforestation

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About this Project

Mozambique's Forests: Since the 1970s, Mozambique has witnessed the loss of 8 million hectares of forests, an area equivalent to the size of Portugal. This rapid deforestation, equivalent to losing 1000 football fields every day, poses significant threats to the country's biodiversity, which includes 20 endangered bird species and over 200 native mammal species. Furthermore, with more than 45% of the population living below the poverty line, who are heavily reliant on local biodiversity for survival, this loss of natural resources exacerbates their challenges.

What is the solution? Our subscribers, in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects, are actively working towards reforestation efforts across multiple inland and coastal mangrove locations in the southern region of the country. These initiatives not only help in restoring habitats for endangered wildlife, but they also create job opportunities for locals, thereby serving a dual purpose.

How you can help

Our support within Mozambique largely focuses on mangrove restoration across Maputo bay - near the southern tip of Mozambique and in close proximity to the city of Maputo. Through supporting mangrove restoration across degraded and previously eroded land, not only will you be supporting one of our planet's preeminent carbon sinks (Mangroves of course!) - but you'll also be providing stability against erosion and improve the health of the coral reef surrounding the Maputo bay area. More to follow in your monthly updates. For individuals: Subscribe to the Furthr Platform and support this project's development. For Business: Choose this project for your bespoke company action portfolio, and engage your community, workforce, and operations

Fact File

🌲 38 protected reforestation sites

🌱 Focussed on 4 native mangrove species

👷‍♀️ 900 locals paid a fair wage

🕰️ Program launched in 2018

Partnerships & Certification

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