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At Beauty Buddy, we are committed to creating a sustainable future by empowering consumers to make a positive impact through their everyday transactions. Our innovative point redemption system gives our Beauty Squad the opportunity to plant trees, fund environmentally friendly projects and donate to charities, thereby driving positive change and fostering a greener and more compassionate world. Together, we can inspire conscious consumerism and build a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.


Our reforestation site in The Philippines supports reforestation efforts in East Asia preserving local land, whilst helping indigenous communities address fire prevention and management, sustainable farming practices, and fulfil an agreement with their government to legally acquire the land they inhabit through reforestation. 


First month free for the Furthr App when you redeem your points for trees: 
Our trusted reforestation partner Furthr also has an app which can help you do your bit for the climate! The platform can help you live greener with easy, actionable, and personalised sustainability tips tailored to your needs, as well as calculate and understand your own emissions, help reforestation, and offset your emissions with high-quality carbon reduction projects! 

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Reforestation Site


Company Climate Action

A highlight of the reforestation projects funded for our employees

Mozambique Reforestation

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Deforestation in the Philippines primarily began in the 1960s and has since destroyed nearly 90% of the forest, displacing rural community members. Logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, land development, and forest fires are major factors contributing to this high deforestation rate. Starting in the 1960s, Philippine mahogany was cut down almost entirely to extinction.


The disappearance of these trees led to soil a, contaminated waterways, and indigenous communities displaced from their land. As more forest is lost, biodiversity drops, plant, and animal species go extinct, and indigenous communities lose the productivity of their land.


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