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Use your Juno allowance to do your bit for the environment

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Furthr in 3 Steps

Our Climate Companion makes it easy for you to fund the climate solutions and reforestation projects that help you mitigate your impact on the Earth. 

But you can also go one step Furthr...

The Companion helps you measure, understand, and learn to reduce your emissions with personalised monthly green tips and updates from the projects on the ground!

Fund World-Leading Climate Solutions


Fund the highest-quality protected reforestation and carbon reduction and removal projects from across the globe, and help communities and ecosystems everywhere.

Learn To 
Live Greener


Learn to reduce your emissions with personalised tips sent to you each month, and learn more about your positive impact with updates from the projects you are funding

Measure and Track 
Your Impact


Measure your carbon footprint with our certified calculator, and understand where your largest emissions are coming from.

Our app and web platform make it easy for you to fund reforestation and fast-track clean energy projects that help you restore damaged ecosystems and support local communities. 

You can also measure, understand, and learn to reduce your impact on the planet thanks to green living tips personalised to your lifestyle.


Subscribe from just £4 per month

Fund Climate Projects

Fund high-impact reforestation and clean energy projects with your Furthr subscription. Track your impact and receive regular project updates.

Win Monthly Treewards

Enter Furthr's monthly draw to win eco-friendly prizes including extra trees planted, charity donations and much more! 

Measure and Understand Your Impact

Calculate and understand your personal footprint. Based on you results, receive personalised tips to help you live greener.

Track your sustainability impact with sustainability app

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