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Furthr is offering the Leonardo team an easy way to contribute to climate action through their Climate Companion Benefit, as part of Leonardo's commitment sustainability.

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So How Can I Make a Difference?


For the price of a monthly coffee


Fund Reforestation & Clean Energy

Fund high-impact reforestation and clean energy projects with your Furthr subscription. Your support will also help restore habitats for endangered wildlife, and employ local communities.

Track Your Impact

Furthr's Climate Companion Platform allows you to understand the real impact of your actions. 


You will receive monthly updates from the projects you are supporting, and you’ll be able to see the real difference you’re making on the ground over time.

Track your sustainability impact with sustainability app
Learn to reduce your emissions and live greener sustainably

Learn To Live Greener

Calculate and understand your own personal footprint as soon as you sign up.


You will then receive monthly tips, curated to your own lifestyle, to help you reduce your emissions. 

Win Monthly Treewards

To reward your efforts, you will be able to win monthly prizes including extra trees planted in your name, charity donations and much more! 

Subscription Transparency

Transparency is everything to us.

This is where your subscription funding goes each month.


Protected Tree Planting & Renewable Projects

See Our Projects


Spreading the Word


Keeping Furthr Running


Treewards & Social Impact Donations

Your Furthr Projects are Certified by the Global Leaders in Climate Action

Gold Standard Logo Furthr Partner

Gold Standard independently accredits and biannually monitors our clean energy offsetting projects. It is recognized on the carbon market and by climate change scholars as a prime example of voluntary carbon offset standards.

United Nations UN SDG Climate Change Furthr Partner

A small number of our projects - those developed by Furthr’s board itself - are accredited and monitored directly by the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism, which is the initial framework built for carbon offsetting.

Eden Reforestation Furthr Partner Protected Tree Planting

We work with the world-renowned Eden Reforestation Projects for our reforestation plans. With over 15 years of reforestation development experience, Eden employs local communities to plant and keep track of the trees planted - all at a fair wage.

  • Pause or cancel anytime

  • No minimum subscription length

  • Thoughtful refund policy

What your impact looks like

Discover the positive impact you can make with My Site's services. Our commitment to protected reforestation, quality carbon offsetting, and sustainable development ensures a greener future for all.

Protected Reforestation

Contribute to the preservation of our planet's forests through our protected reforestation initiatives. By planting trees in endangered areas, we help restore ecosystems, combat climate change, and provide habitats for diverse wildlife.

Quality Carbon Offsetting

Offset your carbon footprint with our high-quality carbon offsetting programs. We invest in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, and methane capture, to mitigate the impact of your activities.

Sustainable Development

Support sustainable development in communities worldwide. Our initiatives focus on empowering local economies, promoting education, improving healthcare, and fostering social equity. Together, we can create a better future for generations to come.

Have any questions? 
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