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A quick note to all of our planet-helpers

Updated: Mar 8

Hi all, Henry here, Furthr's CEO & Founder. I hope you're very well!

Firstly - I'm always here to chat! Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, I'm very active on the DMs. Else, the team are here on live chat.

I wanted to write a note to summarise why the reforestation levels from each of our subscription plans are reducing from January onwards. This is a change that is affecting everyone in our space, and we hope you'll see this comes with some very exciting positives for your monthly impact funding with us.


  • Like most reforestation providers across the globe, we work with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant your trees on a monthly basis. Altogether, we have just passed 950,000 trees planted with Eden.

  • Eden is a brilliant developer for per-stem reforestation, given their focus on both monitoring & protection, along with delivering fair-wage employment for their field teams & security teams.

  • As of this month, Eden are increasing their price per stem for all partners globally: from Ecosia, to Salesforce, to Furthr. This is due to a shift in strategic approach on the methodologies they use to plant forests, namely to large-scale Landscape Restoration.

  • This means that their price per stem has increased from $0.15 to $0.75.

  • At the same time, we have been undertaking due diligence on other reforestation development partners in our space across the last 9 months, to ensure we keep bringing you the highest nature-based solution portfolios globally.

  • With this in mind, we are bringing on new reforestation partners One Acre Fund and Earthlungs Reforestation Foundation to widen your portfolio and to keep planting and protecting trees at a satisfactory, but quality-assured volume on your plan.

  • Even with your new charity partners, price per stem sits at $0.25, hence the reduction in reforestation levels you can see below.

  • HOWEVER, this comes with some seriously exciting extra layers of verification to each tree you plant with us, with the support of Veritree's site-level geo-monitoring and sensoring taking place on each tree planted henceforth.

  • We will still work with Eden Reforestation Projects and, indeed, we have 3 designated sites currently active at the moment. Ankarafantsika is one such site.

  • Crucially, we will soon be giving you the chance to choose your funding tracks on a monthly/quarterly basis: Across Eden, One Acre, Earthlungs, Rewilding efforts and many more options.

Choosing your projects

We've listened to your feedback over the last few months and we know that giving you the opportunity to choose what you fund is tip top of the priority list. We're currently working on this and it will be the first big change we deliver for you this year. You will be able to select your funding tracks from within your Furthr account.

We'll be giving you the option to support local projects, seagrass, beach clean-ups and more - the same verified projects we offer to our corporate partners to support on their climate strategies.

How are reforestation levels changing?

Are prices changing?

Absolutely not - we plan to always keep to our existing price levels.

Are your transparency commitments changing?

Absolutely not - at least 75% of your funding will always be channelled to your projects and Furthr will never take more than 20% for our own operations. Please see more here.

The Furthr platform this year

Over the last year, the number of individuals we have on our Furthr platform has quadrupled in size and this growth rate has been far surpassed by our corporate partners. Our complete priority focus for this year is now to deliver a roadmap of features in your Furthr platform and app that help you to make a real difference each and every day: at home, at work, with friends and with family.

This roadmap covers all manner of improvements e.g.

  • Local-level project options

  • Better personalisation on the green challenges we send to make them maximally realistic and local to you

  • Easier login & FaceID

  • Informing you more on sustainable purchasing

  • Helping you understand more around movements in global Net Zero plans and politics

  • Helping you get involved more directly with impact projects if you'd like to

We are currently raising £1.5m in funding to support and fast-track this tech roadmap.

Any questions?

Please ping us on our live chat or send us an email at and we'll be in touch.

To read more of the detail on our transparency commitment, please take a look below.

Our T&Cs have been updated as of January to reflect this new price per tree of $0.25


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